2021 Earth Day Celebration

Ways each grade celebrated Earth Day  on April 22, 2021.
- Early Childhood students in 3K and Pre K drew posters to commemorate Earth Day and learned how to grow vegetables.
- 2nd graders named their first classroom pet, Bunny!
- 3rd graders went on a Scholastic Earth Day Virtual trip to learn about climate change from experts.
- 4th graders wrote poems with ways we can protect our Earth.
- 5th Graders planted their first tree at the PS/IS 45K Garden of Hope.
- Middle School practiced speaking out as young Climate Change Activists through creative writing and art.
Garden of Hope 
Additionally in our new Garden of Hope, we planted our first school tree is planted to honor the memory of Amyelin Pinzon, our 1st grade angel that passed away this year.

This garden also represents our students, the kids at hope who are the hope for our future and our world. In addition, we will giving a plant to each of our classes to nurture and grow. This effort has really touched the hearts of our school community, showing how one act of kindness to spread love in our community and also benefits our planet!