Dismissal Procedure

Dismissal Procedure
Dismissal Time: 2:15PM
Dismissal Procedure
Grade Assigned Exit Reference Photo
Right Door near Main Entrance
(Schaefer Street)
Side Door Exit
Grade 1
School's Main Entrance
(Schaefer Street)
Main Entrance
Grades 2 and 3 Back Door on Decatur Street  Back Door Exit
Grades 4
Schoolyard at Right Side Exit 
(Evergreen Ave) 
School Yard Right Door
Grades 5
Schoolyard at Left Side Exit 
(Evergreen Ave)
School Yard Left Door
Middle School 2nd Floor ONLY
Playground at Right Side Exit 
(Decatur Street)
Schaefer Street 2nd Floor Exit
Middle School 3rd Floor ONLY 
Playground at Left Side Exit
(Schaefer Street)
Schaefer Street 3rd Floor Exit
(3K / Pre K)
Exit at class door only Annex Building Exit
🔹 Quick question?
To minimize crowding, please contact your classroom teacher on our Remind App. It is the best way to get answers for quick questions or concerns.
Please note that some teachers may use other platforms such as ClassDojo for contact too.
🔹 Need a meeting?
If you need to speak to a classroom teacher, administrator, or staff member in person, please call the school first to schedule an appointment.
Upon entrance, you will be required to 
  • pass a temperature check (under 100° F). 
  • wear a mask at all times.