i Ready at Home

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What is i-Ready?
i-Ready online lessons provide students with explicit instruction practice and feedback that allows them to learn a skill while promoting a growth mindset.
The lessons also include a short, scored quiz to help you, your child, and your child’s teacher know how they did. Lessons are based on research on effective online learning practices and are tested extensively with students to ensure they engage learning of all abilities and ages.
 On an iPad  From a computer
   • Download the free i-Ready for Students app
     from the App Store.
iPad must be compatible with iOS 11 or above, such as the iPad Air, iPad Air 2, or iPad Pro.
   • If your child's district/school:
- Uses Clever, download the Clever app, log in using their district/ school portal credentials, and click on the i-Ready icon.
- Uses a portal that is NOT Clever, students should open the Safari® browser, enter their school portal URL and log in, and click on the i-Ready icon.
- Does not use a portal, they should open the i-Ready for Students app and log in to i-Ready using the credentials provided by their teacher. 
   • If your child's district/school:
- Uses a portal, your child should log in using their district/school portal credentials and then click on the i-Ready icon.
- Does NOT use a portal, your child should visit i-Ready.com and log in to i-Ready directly on a computer using the credentials provided by their teacher.
Visit i-Ready.com/Support (Open External Link) to confirm that your device and internet connection meet i-Ready System Requirements.
If your child’s school has advised what they should work on, follow these three steps to keep your child's learning on track. Within the i-Ready Online Instruction program, your child will be able to select:
1. Reading lessons or Mathematics lessons.
Note that some class may have one subject, in which case your child will only see that option on their screen.
2. Teacher-Assigned Lessons.
Teacher-Assigned Lessons will only appear as a choice on the screen if the teacher has manually assigned lessons (#2 step in picture).
3. Learning Games.
These games help your child build mathematics skills in fun ways. To access, your child will need to choose Math in the upper left-hand corner of the To Do screen (#1) and then click on Learning Games in the bottom navigation bar (#3).
Getting Started on I-Ready
*Note that Learning Games are available to students if the school is using i-Ready Mathematics and has enabled the use of the games for students.
My Progress ButtonYou and your child can monitor progress by clicking on My Progress in the bottom navigation bar. 
On the My Progress page, you will be able to see:
1. Time-on-Task:
The number of minutes your child has spent this week on i-Ready Online Instruction
2. Lessons Passed:
The total number of lessons your child has passed this school year
3. Lesson Streak:
How many lessons your child has passed in a row
4. Completed Work:
The names and quiz scores for each of the lessons your child has taken
Progress Page on i-Ready