Blended Learning

Boy learning at home
Our school specifically is aiming for 12 students per classroom (15 students maximum).
Though the student population is reduced, classes that have ICT (Integrated Collaborative Teaching) teachers and paraprofessionals will still have the same number of adults in the classroom.
You will be notified by August 26th the latest, through email or mailed letters, which cohort your child will be in for the upcoming school year. Siblings will be together, regardless of which school building they are in (Annex, Main Building).

The Learning Preferences survey is still open! This survey programs your child to be in either 100% Remote Learning or Blended Learning, according to your stated Learning Preference.

If this survey is not filled out, your child will automatically be in blended learning.

If you plan to change your child’s learning preference before classes start (or 9/10/20), the best thing we recommend for you is to update your child’s learning preference on the linked survey above. 

The next opportunity to change your learning preference is November 2020.

Four times a year, the school will provide families an option to switch their child into blended learning or fully remote learning due to the family’s commitments or accommodations. 

For assurance, you can also email Ms. Jakes directly to manually have your child moved to back or to 100% remote learning after the survey is filled out.